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Code of Conduct

All of our workshops, gatherings, and online resources aim to create a safer space that's anti-exclusionary and inherently flexible. In that effort we enforce our code of conduct:

Every t4tech event, online platform, organizing space, and networked communications space adheres to the following code of conduct. No hate speech, including racist, misogynist, xenophobic, white-nationalist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, ableist, or police-endorsing language of any kind is permitted, and anyone doing so will be removed and barred from the space as well as any following events. Our events are for the sole purpose of creating safer spaces for trans and GNC people to learn about computer science, software development, virtual technologies, and digital security.

tldr: refer to the famous line from Grandmother Kate Bornstein, “Don’t be mean.”

Previous Events

Just a handful of some of the previous events we've hosted in the past ☽⚧

Hacking Hustling

Hacking//Hustling was a two-part event organized by Melissa Gira Grant and Danielle Blunt, hosted by the incredible team at Eyebeam. It's aim was to bridge gaps between the tech industry and sex worker communities after FOSTA/SESTA legislation. The event kicked off with a panel of sex workers describing the impact this insidious law has had on their wellbeing and safety, and how the current tech industry has failed to advocate for their rights. The second day of the event was facilitated by us at t4tech, a tactical skillshare around topics of digital privacy and counter-surveillance. We hosted workshops around Doxxing Self Defense, Social Media Lockdown, Installation and use of Tor and VPNs, and encrypted communication technologies. Find the slide decks and resources at Hacking Hustling. Stay tuned for future iterations of this event.

Freelancing in Tech while Trans And/Or Queer

t4tech resident, Jade Ahking, hosted a workshop and discussion around their experience freelancing in tech. They imparted some incredible advice, wisdom, and tactics about how to advocate for yourself as a queer freelancing technologist. This event, like many of ours, was hosted by Bluestockings bookstore in the Lower East Side. Check out Jade's portfolio, as well as the resources from this event, at StarCat.

Intro to React

t4tech founder Daly Barnett has been hosting a track of workshops around Intro to Front End Engineering with React at Bluestockings bookstore. It's an entry level workshop focused on getting people with minimal programming backgrounds up and running making dynamic, beautiful UI's with the hot Javascript framework React. It's been hosted at Bluestockings bookstore, but stay tuned for future iterations at other venues.

Intro to Web Development

This track of workshops has been led by Daly at Bluestockings Bookstore. It's a 101 that covers "what is the internet?" as well as "what protocols make the internet work?" and then goes into a hands-on workshop in HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Intro to Python + Data Science

t4tech data witch and core collaborator, Sophie Searcy, has facilitated a series of workshops with Metis Data Science. The first part in the series was an intro to Python course, the second an intro to Data Science that built off the first. The events were graciously hosted by Sophie's offices at Metis Data Science, where she is a Senior Data Scientist and instructor. Check our her portfolio, as well as the resources from these events, at Soph.info

Digital Alternatives

Chr0ma NY

In collaboration with Lucia Cozzi and Chr0ma NY, we will be contributing a 101 in Digital Security Hygiene. This skillshare will cover tactical solutions to common nodes on people's individual virtual threat models, as well as the process of threat modeling itself. Beginner friendly, open to all, RSVP through the Chr0ma Website listed above :)

Pizza 'n Postcards Party 🍕

Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe

A pizza and letter writing party! We're gonna write letters of encouragement and hope to Jeremy Hammond, hacktivist and internet freedom fighter charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, serving a 10 year sentence for the Stratfor hacks. All letter writing material, envelopes, stamps, and pizza are provided!

__Git ur shit__

Feb 13th @ 7pm

Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe

A hands on, beginner friendly workshop in source control using the git command line interface! An invaluable skill for developers of all kinds to have, but can also be an extremely useful tool for any kind of draft source controlling for creatives, activists, etc. We'll cover a foundational understanding of what source control means, how git enables that idea, how to collaborate with others, as well as navigating the dreaded (but inevitable) merge conflicts that can arise.

Pizza 'n Postcards Part II

Mar 11th @ 7pm

Bluestockings Bookstore and Cafe

Second incarnation of our pizza and postcards event, but this one is in rapid response to the recent news of friend and comrade Chelsea Manning being locked up for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. All pizza and letter writing materials are courtesy of t4tech, but we'll advocate for everyone that has some bucks to spare to point them towards Chelsea's legal defense fund. Come for the pizza, stay for the letter writing and loving trans atmosphere. See you there!

Upcoming Events


Date and Venue TBD

This track of workshops and skillshares will be in collaboration with several different venues, organizations, and individuals. It will be a series of lessons covering different forms of self defense: physical, mental and emotional, de-escalation, digital surveillance, police surveillance and street interaction, and more. As details unfold, each event will be listed here and on twitter. Stay tuned, stay strong.

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