t4tech began in NYC as a series of free events to help out trans people in NYC looking for jobs and taking hold of their digital privacy and security. Dozens of workshops took place from 2017 to 2019, covering topics like anti-surveillance tactics, web development workshops, business skills for freelance technologists, data hygiene, and internet literacy. We even hosted a few fundraisers for incarcerated activists.

After 2019, t4tech went on hiatus (the primary coordinator moved from the east to the west coast). Our collaborations with Hacking//Hustling took off, and most advocacy work, privacy consulting, and digital security trainings took place through them <3.

Now it's 2023, and things certainly haven't gotten any better for the TGNC community in the US. Excuse our appearance as we slowly dust off our repos, websites, and training materials. Although the most pressing dangers facing the TGNC community today are very much happening offline, the last thing we need is digital threats emboldening the IRL ones. Stay safe out there <3.


Wanna get in touch? Have some digital security & virtual privacy questions? Please reach out. Within capacity, t4tech is opening itself up for digital security & privacy consultation to anyone within community who needs it.

Email us at:

Check us out on the decaying dumpster fire site: @t4techNYC


Digital Personas Zine (Color)

This 2 page zine is print ready and intended to be distributed to anyone or anywhere that needs it. It's a brief guide on the types of threat models that are common to the TGNC community as well as some recommendations to keep those types of peoples safe. There's a ton of information jam packed into 2 pages, so it's not really meant to be a thorough educational resource on all the technologies listed, but more a starting point intended to give someone a knowledgeable list of things to research next.

Printing instructions: print double sided on the short edge (most printers give that option on the pre-print screen), in either color or B/W. Fold in half down the middle, so that the "cover" page with the biggest letters is face up. It reads like a (very brief, 2 page) book.

Doxxing Self Defense (Color)

Another 2 page zine, ready for print, specifically goes over some ways that TGNC people can reduce the amounts of information online that can be used in doxxing campaigns.