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We are thrilled to announce that we're now a part of the EFF's Electronic Frontier Alliance program! If you don't already know about The EFF we highly recommend checking them out. And while you're at it, check out the Electronic Frontier Alliance initiative.


t4tech is a free and accessible resource for transgender and GNC people to share and pick up skills of software engineering, digital technologies, and computer science. We believe that the tech industry doesn't need to be inaccessible, unapproachable, and inordinately cissexist. We work to enable trans and GNC people with the skillsets required to engage with and shape the tech community.

Code of Conduct

All of our workshops, gatherings, and online resources aim to create a safer space that's anti-exclusionary and inherently flexible. In that effort we enforce our code of conduct:

Every t4tech event, online platform, organizing space, and networked communications space adheres to the following code of conduct. No hate speech, including racist, misogynist, xenophobic, white-nationalist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, ableist, or police-endorsing language of any kind is permitted, and anyone doing so will be removed and barred from the space as well as any following events. Our events are for the sole purpose of creating safer spaces for trans and GNC people to learn about computer science, software development, virtual technologies, and digital security.

tldr: refer to the famous line from Grandmother Kate Bornstein, “Don’t be mean.”

Upcoming Events

Hacking//Hustling: A Tactical Skill Share for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World

September 22nd, 1-4pm

Eyebeam Center

In collaboration with Melissa Gira Grant and Danielle Blunt we are thrilled to be facilitating the workshop portion of the Hacking//Hustling event held at Eyebeam Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In response to the discussions that come from the panel on September 20th, these workshops will commence with a group exercise in the art of threat modeling, followed by several breakout workshops in digital privacy and counter surveillance tactics that address those threat models. The workshops will cover a range of topics including but not limited to Tor, Signal, Virtual Private Networks, Locking Down Social Media Accounts, encrypted communications, and cryptocurrencies as a sex work provider.

Tickets can be purchased here. Tickets are free for all sex workers.

Find more information here.

Freelancing in Tech while Trans and/or Queer

October 2, 7-9pm


Freelancing can be fun; freelancing can be a horrible. Freelancing can be lucrative; freelancing can be make you broke. Freelancing can give you freedom; freelancing can give you nightmares. If you're trans, queer, or part of an under-represented group in tech, freelancing can be all of these things plus a whole lot more.

In this hands on workshop, Jade, the founder and CEO of Data Automatica, a tech consultancy and 1-person collective that does not legally exist yet, is going to share with you their secrets to success as a queer/transgender freelancer. They'll cover ways to protect yourself from abusive clients, how to negotiate "like a man" (whatever your gender may be!), and strategies on how to thrive as an outsider working in a toxic industry.

The workshop will draw from their experiences in tech, but will cover topics like negotiating and interviewing that are applicable to other industries as well as to people pursuing full time employment instead of contracts.


Got questions about our meetups? Want to volunteer? Suggestions for upcoming workshops? Want to lead a workshop yourself?

Email us at: t4technyc@gmail.com